28 March 2011

Monday Morning Bits And Bobs Round Up.

This week has the makings a very fine one indeed.  On Friday, my very gorgeous editor informed me that The Carrier of the Mark galleys had arrived in her office, and that she would be sending me out mine!!  I can’t wait to get them. Eeeeek.
 I know a lot of you guys want them too, but I only get a few, so I won’t be able to dish out my own private stash.  But here’s what you can do. 
If you’re a blogger or reviewer, you can email me a request for an ARC leigh@leighfallon.com.  Just be sure to include your name, email address, blog address / publication name, and an approximate number of followers / readership.  I’ll pass all ARC requests onto HarperTeen who will be giving them out.
For those of you who don’t get an ARC I’ll be doing a few comps on my blog.  Just make sure you follow me so you can get the lowdown on them as soon as they are announced.
In other news, I’m nearly finished the sequel to The Carrier of the Mark.  I’m doing a serious writeathon this week in a bid to get the first draft completed.  Wish me luck.  Oh and its Bologna week.  All the literary agents and publishers are having a book fest where the rights to books are being bought and sold like hot potatoes.  I need you guys to send all your good karma to Italy, The Carrier of the Mark has sold to Poland and Italy so far, lets karamize it to get some more sales. Woohoo!
And the last thing on my agenda for this post is of course to announce the winner of my TEETH competition.  Yes, it was as toughie and only six people got the answers right.  I wrote those names down on post it and numbered them at random, and then got twitter to pick a number between 1 and 6 and the winning number was 4 which meant Clouse Ever won. Yay! Congratulations Clouse!
Right, that’s me done for now, I’m off to write, write, write. 
Later guys.