22 March 2011

The Wednesday Whinge - Sink your TEETH into this Comp.

In this edition of The Wednesday Whinge, I'm whinging about teeth.  I've to go to the dentist again today. Boo! Not because I haven't looked after my teeth, nope, it's because of past shoddy dental work. Double Boo!  In honor of the dreaded visit to the dentist, I'm running a toothy comp. So while I toddle of for some medieval torture, you can get entering. ENJOY!

Oh and before I go, a quick note.  Either 80%  of all YA authors have either:
A. No Teeth
B. Are scared of smiling
C. Were aware that someday someone would go looking for pictures of their teeth for a blog post just like this.

How-and-ever, there are always the few that are willing to pucker up and say cheese. Thanks guys.


Be afraid... be very afraid. 

There's a couple of unsuspecting Gnashers just chomping at the bit to be allowed sink there white sharp ones into your neck.  So spot them before they spot you!!

Name the face behind the teeth (answer in comments).
Follow the Blog...pretty please.
AND you're in with a chance to WIN an ARC of TEETH.


Gnashers 1

Gnashers 2

Gnashers 3

Gnashers 4

Gnashers 5

Gnashers 6

Gnashers 7

I know... kind of difficult isn't it? The grainy blown up shots don't help and for this reason I'm giving you some clues.  The owners are the following:

Cassandra Clare
Holly Black
Lauren Oliver
Kiersten White
Richelle Mead
Sara Bennett Wealer
Meg Cabot

Just put the right number beside the name and you are in!

Comp closes on Monday 28th March.
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