29 March 2011

The ARCs are here!!

You’ll have to forgive a moment of self-indulgence.  I got my ARCs of The Carrier of the Mark yesterday, and I’m physically incapable of writing about anything other than them.  I’ve been hysterically giddy since they arrived yesterday evening, and I’m not sure how long this ‘madness’ is going to last.  Quick someone pass the smelling salts. 
So I guess you’d like to see what I’m talking about.  Well here you go…

Aren’t they a thing of beauty? Seriously, I think I’m a little in love.  I spooned with one last night then felt sorry for the other poor lonely souls on my bookshelf, so I guess I’m going to have to give each a turn in the spooning position.
You see, I know I have them, but my time with them will be short.  For soon they will flutter their little bookie wings and want to soar from the nest to descend upon the book world to be judged, scrutinized, misused, or god forbid, even ignored.  I can’t protect my babies once they’ve left the nest, but I can influence the direction they take. 
I’m thinking one might find a happy and much loved home in the hands of one of my blog readers, now all I have to do is figure out the best way of finding the suitable match. Ummm, what to do, what to do.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.  And in the meantime, stay posted for updates.
Oh, one more thing... fancy having a look at the moment the UPS guy delivered my ARCs?  Well have a looksie here! I caught the moment on my iPhone!! Eeek.

Now, I must leave you, I’ve got some pretty grey and blue recycled trees to snuggle with.