16 May 2011

The Monday Morning Bits & Bobs Round-up - Meet the Team

The Morg
This week I’m editing like a mad thing. I’ve got the first eight chapters of Carrier II back from critique partner number one, the very lovely and fabulously talented writer Morgan Shamy . She’s been kicking my butt in her ever so amusing way, with little side notes that crack me up. I’ve one more chapter to do, and then, ding ding, we are onto round two.

Round two comes courtesy of critique partner number two, Wendy Higgins. Wendy will be a name to be reckoned with in the near future, but for now she is all mine! Ha! By the time I’ve been through her edits and remarks, the manuscript should be looking good enough to let it loose on my next beta reader for round three.


Round three comes from the awesomely brilliant Jennifer L Armentrout, author of the sizzling Half-Blood. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads so far this year, so keep your eyes out for it when it hits the shelves on September 15th. Jennifer will beta read it and tell me how marvelous I am (You better be reading this Jennifer, I need a bit of pandering at the moment). She has an amazing sizzlometer and will make sure that there is enough heart fluttering moments. Then, we’re onto round four.

Jenny (the one with the tights)
Round four is perhaps the scariest of them all. My sister… Jennifer, the photographer (not to be confused with round three Jennifer, the writer). Jenny will tell me if it works. If I don’t get the pass from Jenny, it’s back to the drawing board, but in good old sisterly fashion, next time I see her, I’ll steal her makeup and rip her tights. All is fair in love and sisterhood.  So, hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be smiling, I’ll have a manuscript to send to my agent, and my sister will have tights without ladders.

I’ll update you on progress during The Wednesday Whinge.
Until then, have a brilliant one.