27 April 2011

The Wednesday Whinge - BEA & Driving Tests

It is Wednesday and I should be whinging… big time!  I do have one little whinge, I’ll come back to that in a second.  Firstly I want to tell you guys the good stuff.
Yay! Reviews for The Carrier of the Mark are starting to make their way into my twitter feed.  So far I’m ecstatic about how things are going. 5 out of 5 stars all around, now that’s not a bad start. 
Just in case you missed my BEA post, here is the low down.  I’m going to be at BEA this year. Double Yay!  I wasn’t expecting to be there, but then The Carrier of the Mark was picked as a Buzz book.  I just have to be present to hear the powers that be discuss my book at what is traditionally one of BEA's best-attended events.  The YA buzz panel is on from 2pm to 3.15pm on Tuesday May 24th.  If you are going to be at BEA, make sure you pop by! Oh and I’ll be doing a signing from 4 – 4.30pm at Table 9 in the signing area. Make sure you stop by and say hi, oh and grab yourself a signed copy of The Carrier of the Mark while you’re there.
Now, back to my whinge.  I was recently informed that I had to do the Massachusetts Driving test before I could renew my insurance here in the US.  I have to admit, this filled me with terror.  I did my driving test when I was eighteen, back in Ireland.  I passed it first time.  I’ve spent the last twenty years driving all over the world, and not once have I had an accident (knock on wood). Now I’m faced the prospect of having to impress a grumpy driving tester and my confidence is giving way to horror.  I went into the DMV (that’s what you guys call the test center right?), got a form, filled it in, took a ticket, waited for 45 minutes, got called to a desk, had to give them all manner of background info and proof of identification, I think I might have given away the rights to my first grandchild too. Then horror of horror!! They took my photo. I wasn’t expecting a photo and hadn’t brushed my hair or put on makeup so basically I look like a troll. Then an impromptu eye test *gasp*, I hand over my credit card to pay a fee (can’t remember how much, I was still panicking over my horrendous headshot). Then I’m led off to a little room to take a test.  Now I know the rules of the road better than anyone. But these questions weren’t the rules of the road!
I don’t know how marijuana affects your eyesight, or how much you are charged for killing someone while operating heavy machinery while under the influence of alcohol, or where to store my weapon while I’m driving a car! I means seriously! Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to simply tell people you can’t get plastered, totally baked and carry a gun while you’re driving.  Why should I be tested on what the penalties are if I do? I mean, people who are going to do all of the above won’t give a toss what the penalties are in the first place. GAH!
Anyway, I passed my test through the process of elimination.  I can’t say I learned anything enlightening during the process, other than not to drive at night if you’re completely stoned on pot, oh, but you should be fine during the day.
Next up, the driving test, compete with grumpy driving tester, and horrible flashbacks of that movie License to Drive with Corey Haim (RIP). I’d love to video it for a vlog. I’ll see if I can hide my camera for you. LOL.
Later guys.