18 May 2011

The Wednesday Whinge - Post edit edition

Ooohh spot the repetition of the word 'edit' in the title.

That That That That

That THAT that That THAT That

that That THAT That that THAT


Yip, I'm a thater.  I have a hideous addiction to the word 'that'.  I can't get enough of it, and I've spent the last two days editing out gazillions of unnecessary 'thats' from my manuscript. And now that (grrr) they have been purged I feel cleansed. 

Up UP up UP Up up

Up UP up up UP Up UP


Up is another vice.  It's funny, the more times you write a word the more wrong it looks.  Like a word you've made up (grrr), or spelled wrong.  We'll I'm kicking my 'up' addiction (well until the next time I write a first draft and vomit up (grrr) every overused word in my arsenal).

Now, that said, I promise that that will be the last time that I mention that I've been editing that manuscipt of mine up until yesterday. I'll raise up my head up from the table, drink up my coffee, and wish you onward and upward.  Remember that things are on the up and up.