24 August 2011

The Wednesday Whinge… I mean, The Wednesday Woohoo!

You’ve probably noticed that by blogging schedule has been all over the place these past few weeks, and for that I apologize.  However, I was up to some good stuff.  In July I announced that I’d signed a contract for the second book in the Carrier Series.  Well guess what?  I’ve just finished it. AGHH!  It took a lot of hard work, which isn’t easy with four kids pulling me in different directions while they suffered from chronic cases of summer holiday boredom.  But I managed to pull through with (most) of my hair intact.
Now, I’ve got a week or so of some super intense editing ahead of me and some head to heads with my fabulous critique partners, Wendy Higgins (Sweet Evil), Jennifer L Armerntrout (Half-Blood), Morgan Shamy (goddess and future star),  and my sister Jennifer Conroy (super-duper photographer).
But here’s the good bit!!  September is going to be an epic month for this blog.  I’m going to be doing fantastic giveaways EVERY week from September 1st to the launch of Carrier of the Mark on the 4th of Oct.  I’m also going to announcing my big Pre-order or Buy Carrier comp.  The prize is awesome and way bigger than my normal offerings. Eeeek!  I’ll be dishing the dirt on all the amazing things that I’ll be doing with HarperTeen and inkpop over the next few weeks.  There will be so much, it deserves its own blog post, but I’m just giving you heads up to brace yourself for a fun filled exciting couple of weeks where I will be emptying my choc-a-block swag drawers of all the fabulous goodies I’ve been hoarding.
So stay posted guys. This will be epic. Oh and you can get a running head start to win big if you pre-order Carrier NOW.  Check out the sidebar=> for loads of options