26 August 2011

Massachusetts, the thrill ride I didn’t ask for!

I ask you, what on earth is going on with the weather in MA?  In all seriousness, I moved to the US after being promised lovely dependable seasons.  Balmy summers, gorgeous autumns, divine springs, and wonderland winters. 
What I’ve got so far is record breaking heat waves with horrendous humidity were even breathing takes considerable effort.  Floods that have ruined homes and destroyed people’s lives. More record-breaking snowfall with absolutely no thaw for three months that had roofs falling in and schools and business struggling to stay open, and me struggling to protect my sanity with the kids trapped in the house with nowhere to go.  Let’s not forget our other little visitors, the tornados.  Those scary buggers had us all hiding in our basements while listening to emergency broadcast that sounded like it was the end of the world.  And for a sheltered little Irish girl, that’s kind of scary, something you only see in disaster movies.  Oh and how about last week’s earthquake? Freaky! And now little Miss Hurricane Irene is on her way, smashing her way up the east coast on a path of destruction and has us all fighting over the last couple of cans beans on Market Basket's shelves.  
The last time MA was hit with a hurricane of this size, the power was gone in places for nearly a week! AGH! Don’t the weather gods know I’ve got a September 1st deadline?  *shakes fist at sky*
 I didn’t sign on for this.  This wasn’t even in the fine print.  The constant and dreary ‘soft’ weather of the Emerald Isle is looking sort of appealing at the moment.  Wish me luck guys, because this weekend we are battening down the hatches.