30 August 2011

Irene, you great big Toe-rag!!

My last post was all about the freaky weather and how it had it in for me since I moved to the US.  Well, today I can now confirm that, YES, the US weather does indeed have it in for me during my stay in the great US of A.
Irene may have been downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it got past Rhode Island, but my god, did she wreak havoc on my town.
It is now Tuesday, and I am writing this blog post from my brother-in-law’s house with his wife’s psycho weird cat who keeps coming up to moog me and when she does she turns and hisses like a rabid kitty from hell.  And why am I risking my typing digits with a mentally disturbed cat an hour’s drive from my house?   Well, that great big toe-rag of a storm, Irene, knocked out our electricity, phone, internet and (wait for it), water!  I’ve stinking clothes locked in the washing machine, stinking dishes in the sink that I can’t wash. I’ve toilets that won’t flush unless I make the trip out to the swimming pool with a bucket to fill the cistern *sigh*.  My freezer has defrosted and I can nearly see the listeria dribbling from its seal.  By 6pm every night we are shrouded in darkness with only ourselves for company, and as much as I hate to admit it, we’re not great company.
So today I finally abandoned my house and fell on the mercy of my brother and sister-in-law.  It feels good to be one with technology again, but alas, this is only a fleeting moment.  In a couple of hours I’ll be making the hour drive back to my dungeon of stink and dark, to play happy families with my bored children by the overly romanticized light of candles.
Talk soon…I hope.
Oh and p.s. Did I mention my kids school has been cancelled too… just saying. *pulls hair out*