18 August 2011

So… where have I been?

Well I’ve been right here, keeping a low profile, trying to finish the sequel to Carrier of the Mark.  But (and there is always a but, sometimes firm little ones, others big giant ones, but there’s always one or two lurking), I’ve had lots of stumbling blocks over the last week. *sigh*
Firstly, my beloved cat, Betsy, decided to up and leave at 5pm on Sunday week ago.  She raised her cute little double paw in my direction and bid me a fond farewell.  I can’t for the life of me find her anywhere and have spent many hours trawling the woods for signs of her (or bits of her… yes I’ve heard the horror stories of vicious coyotes and wild cats).  But (see I told you, there’s another one) there has been no sign of her.  I think she’s gone for good and it’s messing with my writing mojo *sobs*
The kids are still on holidays which blows great big chunks including carrots and peas (there’s always carrots and peas).  I did however book them into a second week of camp which was simply marvelous until I got a phone call on Thursday announcing my daughter had swam right into the steps of the swimming pool and chipped her tooth. Yay! Another writing day down the toilet swapped for a visit to the dentist and a sympathy burrito at Chipotle (yummy).
So that just about sums up my week of total suckage.  Tomorrow of course, I will bounce back and finish the last couple of chapters with flare.  And immediately after that I’ll track down the Carrier bookmarks that have been lingering in the never never, absolutely determined not to make it to me for the release date of Carrier of the Mark, and I’ll be back in flying form with scintillating tweets, fabulous blogs… okay, that’s pushing it.  Let’s just leave it with’ I’ll be back’ and ‘are you Sarah Connor?”
Talk soon guys.