09 August 2011

LA Highlights

I was at SCBWI last week and it was FANTASTIC.  There was lots of work, a little play, and the travel gods were as sweet as pie, delivering my planes on time, taxi drivers who didn’t kill me, and a hotel room with a to-die-for-view. 
I also got to meet my cyber friend of two years, Morgan Shamy, and she turned out to be a really cool girl/writer type and not a psychotic 80 year old stalker. So yay all around.
I got to hear the amazing Judy Blume do her Keynote / interview speech when she filled in for John Green who had to sod off to get his gall bladder removed. So yay for me and boo for John. (Hope you’re feeling better, John).
Another highlight from this conference had to be Libba Bray  Her Keynote speech was the funniest, most amazingly relatable key note EVER.  I just fell in love with her and I’m going to be running out to buy each and every one of her books, because if her speech is anything to go on, they will be super.
I also did a couple of lunches and dinners with the various guys and girls of the publishing world. One lunch that stood out was this one.  Have a look at the picture.  Yes that is (from the left) Josephine Angelini (Star crossed), Bree  Despain (The Dark Devine), Brodi Ashton (Everneath), Lindsey Leavitt (Princess For Hire),  Lani Woodland (Intrinsical), Me (Carrier of the Mark), Morgan Shamy (scary stalker person turned good), Alexandra Monir (Timeless), Gretchen McNeil (Possess). Phew! What a cool lineup.  Doesn’t this picture look eerily like The Last Supper with the windows and pillars in the back ground? (Ooooooooh)  Let’s hope it’s the first supper, the first of many.

Another highlight of the conference was the Poolside PJ Gala.  I don’t know about the rest of the world, but judging from the super huge numbers of dudes in pink bunny rabbit suits, I’m thinking writers are weirder than I thought. Enjoy.

And one more vid, because you guys deserve it! I give you 'The Sheep'  Yes, if writers weren't weird enough all ready, then they go and do something like this. Yes you saw it here first.