05 July 2011

Last Week Catch Up

Since yesterday was the 4th of July and the week didn’t officially start until today, I feel justified in having my Monday Morning Round Up on Tuesday… so here we go.
Last week was all sorts of crazy.  As most of you know I was in New York for the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference.  It was amazing! It was held in the Marriot Marquis on Times Square, being there was an experience in itself!! Anyone who has used the insane elevators in that hotel will know what I’m talking about.
I went to the uber fantastic and tres chic party hosted by Avon Books at The Boat House in Central Park.  At that soiree, I met some amazing authors, including Kimberly Derting, Sophie Jordan, Amy Garvey, and Tera Lynn Childs.  We partied the night away sipping cocktails and having a good old fashioned girlie giggle.
The next day I was signing ARCs of Carrier of the Mark at the Avon signing.  It was such a estrogen charged experience! Indeed, there were enough romance writers in one spot to get the most stone cold, nonromantic hearts all a flutter.  My signing table was just across from Meg Cabot, which was super cool, and I managed to snag some copies of her books.  In fact, I snagged lots of books, gorgeous books… lucky me!
I schmoozed my way through the rest of the conference, learning what I could from the speakers. Then on my last day I shoved as much of New York into my day as possible.  I went up to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, Lunched in Central Park, Had a drink in the Rockefeller Centre, shoved my way around Times Square while staring at the sky, followed by a pensive few hours down at the World Trade Center.  It was an AMAZING trip.
Back home I’m desperately trying to catch up with my blogs, twitter, Facebook and emails.  If you’re waiting on reply, I’ll get to you a.s.a.p., I’m slowly but surely working my way through the backlog.
Oh and one more thing.  Huge congratulations to Jennifer L Armentrout!! She just announced news of her new book deal, Cursed! I’m super excited for Jennifer and her amazingly brilliant books! Watch out for them, they will rock your world.
Talk soon, guys.