28 June 2011

I'm off to RWA. Woot!

It’s Tuesday, which means I shouldn’t be posting, but I missed the Monday Morning Round Up, and I’ll be traveling tomorrow, which means I’ll have plenty to whinge about and no time to do my Wednesday Whinge.  I’ll be storing up all my travel woes for next week’s Wednesday Whinge courtesy of the Acela Express.
And where am I traveling to…? Well, I’m off down to New York for the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference. Woohoo!
This will be another first for me.  I can’t wait! So many authors in one spot and many of them ones I’ve been hankering to meet.  I’ve got a fancy shmancy cocktail party in Central Park on Wednesday night and I’m going to be signing ARCs of Carrier of the Mark at the Avon open house signing on Thursday.  I’m expecting an epically amazing girlie fest, and if this conference is everything I’m hearing, I’ll be making it a regular annual stop. Woot!!
I’ll try and do a post from RWA, but I suspect I’ll be tottering in high heels, having a giggle fest, while sipping cosmos with my author buds… maybe…oh alright, that is highly unlikely *glares and comfy converse* I’ll do what I can, and I’ll have my iPhone at the ready to get you some uber sneaky shots of your fav authors. ( Note to self – Find false glasses, nose, and mustache combo for undercover disguise.)

Oh and I’ll tweet as much as I can too.  Hopefully the Marriot in Times Square has better Wi-Fi than BEA’s Javits center.