11 July 2011

Feel Good Monday Giveaway

Today has been pretty cool.  I got some AMAZING news this morning.  I can’t share yet, but I will as soon as I'm given the go ahead.  I’m also signing contacts for some foreign deals which gives me the warm and fuzzies as I imagine Carrier working its way around the world.  The weather is gorgeous, the birds are singing, and life is friggen fantastic.  So, in honor of this feel good Monday, I’m doing a giveaway. Yay!
A signed ARC of Carrier of the Mark.

One of my gorgeous silver Celtic bookmarks all the way from Kinsale, Ireland.

A bronze Celtic necklace (uber pretty and from a little store in Kinsale too).
I have some gorgeous Half-Blood swag to pop in (courtesy of Jennifer. L. Armentrout)

AND, my last ARC copy of Cold Kiss, by Amy Garvey (I love this book, and you’ll love it too.)

So how about that for a swagalicous prize?

How to enter:
Smiling kitty
Smiling doggie
In the comments below, write one line on what made you smile today.  It could be a cup of your favorite coffee,  or a smile a hot guy gave this morning, or perhaps the girl at Starbucks selected the biggest muffin especially for you… whatever.  Just share you a little happy moment. Oh, and remember to leave your contact email.
Smiling hot guy
As always, I’d love if you’d follow my blog (click follow over yonder), and like my Facebook page.  Follow me on Twitter.  I’d be thrilled with a tweet to spread the joy.  Or perhaps you’d fancy signing up to my mailing list.  Those of you who frequent my blogs and giveaways know that I take all sorts of good karma and well wishes as entry currency as well.  I’m happy with whatever you have on offer. Oh and FYI I'm on Tumblr these days too so if you tumble, pop over and say hi.

Enjoy sharing your happy moments and passing on the smiles.  The one that makes me smile the most, wins!
Good luck! Comp is open internationally and I’ll announce the winner this Friday.