16 February 2011

The Wednesday Whinge & Giveaway Winner

I started doing my Wednesday whinge and realized I had little to whinge about.  Okay, so my twin boys have bad croup, my husband was in ER with one of them until 10.30 last night, and they’re both off school today, so I’m getting no work done, but at least they're healthy…ish.  And I guess Valentine’s Day totally sucked.  I rather stupidly had booked myself and my husband in for a dentists visit, forgetting completely that it was Valentine’s Day.  Okay, so I’m not a big fan of that silly day anyway, but still, miniature efforts should be made.  But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as my husband was so busy that it was the only time of the day we got to spend together, and we did manage to share a tuna sub in the car after the dental hygienist assaulted our mouths (the only action I got that day!) *giggle*
Not mine... but you get the idea.
Humm, I guess I have a few things to whinge about now I come to think about it.  The most prominent being my tech fail on the video you’re about to watch.  I decided at the last minute to try and entertain you for a few minutes, you know the usual me making a fun of myself and making lots of silly faces, but my mic on the camera was not playing ball today, I think it might have been a bit intimidated by my singing voice (scary).  But anyway, in fine Leigh fashion, I ploughed ahead, so if it hurts your ears, or if you are of a delicate constitution, best to turn down your volume before pressing play.  I want no complaints… you have been warned.

Oh and I did contemplate not bothering to post this video, but during the time I was trying to shoot it, my 3 year old twins had emptied the entire contents of a large jar of peanut butter all over the kitchen counter and mashed it into the hardwood floor.  It took me FOREVER to clean it up and now the poor  cat is frantically working her way along the ridge between the boards  licking what she can out and it’s driving her nuts.  So due to the pain and torment this video caused to both me and the cat, I posted it, despite its horridious sound.

And thanks a million for all your fantastic comments and ‘likes’ you guys rock my world.  I’d love to have stuff to give to you all, but there can only be one winner and that is… watch the video!!