18 February 2011

Fact Meets Fiction Friday – Hello Iceland!

I stumbled upon some amazing statistics this week (don’t get me wrong, I’m not a statistics girl, I’m not joking when I say I stumbled upon them).  I was looking at my hit numbers and noticed that I’ve had quite a few hits from Iceland.  Proportionately, they’re my biggest hit/followers!  I’ve officially got .0213% of the entire population of Iceland viewing my blog. Woohoo!   When you take from that figure, the older people who wouldn’t be interested and children who can’t read yet, I’ve got myself a nice piece of the Icelandic pie.  Thank you Iceland!
What makes this even more fascinating is that I love Icelandic music.  Going back to the early 90’s when Björk rocked my world, and more recently I’ve been using Sigur Rós and jónsi as my chill out inspiration music.  Seriously, for a country with such a small population, they have some amazing talent in the music department.
Being Irish, I feel a certain kinship with the people of Iceland; after all we do share history, genetics, and more recently, tales of economic woe.
Part of the sequel to The Carrier of the Mark is set in Sweden.  But I’m seriously considering changing my story location; Iceland could do with a bit of story action. Umm, food for thought.
Anyway, thank you Iceland! You rock my world… now, we must put pressure on the Icelandic publishers to buy foreign rights! Are you with me Iceland?