25 February 2011

Fact Meets Fiction Friday – ARC comp and other fun stuff!

This week I commissioned a new website for myself.  Woo! I so deserved a little treat like that.  It’s being designed by Xuni.  They have been designing and managing author websites with skill and panache for a good while know, and you can see some of their fabulous work at Maggie Stiefvater, The Shiver Series , Kimberly Derting, and Carrie Ryan.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for me, but I know one thing for sure, based on the, The Carrier of the Mark holding page they’ve designed for me, it’s going to be GORGEOUS!!
In other news, The Carrier of the Mark is on 615 shelves on Goodreads and has 656 likes on its Facebook page.  Woohoo! I’m so on a mission to get both of these to 1000, I won’t rest until I’ve reached the golden 1K.
How am I going to achieve 1K?  Hell I don’t know, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the illusive 1K beat me! 
And even more other news, I’m off to Ireland next week.  In honor of my return home to Ireland, I’m going to run the first ever, The Carrier of the Mark ARC giveaway! This is such a momentous occasion and it deserves something a little bit special.  So, we are going transatlantic in our mission to mark this moment. (Mark... get it? *titter*)
Over on the Facebook page, we’ve been mulling over ideas, and we have hit the jackpot.
Without further ado, I introduce to you;
The Carrier of the Mark, first ever, transatlantic photo competition for a 'so elusive there are none in existence yet' ARC! (Yeah, I could do with shorting the title… leave it with me).
To enter, all you need do is pick a location in Kinsale for me to visit while I’m there.  I will go to this location and get a photo of that exact spot. 
On my return to the US I will post all the photos on the blog and voting for the best photograph will commence.  Now, here’s the science bit, so pay attention.
There will be bonus votes for picking a location that is featured in The Carrier of the Mark, being a follower of my blog or a 'liker' of Carriers Facebook page, and for tweeting this comp.
What do you think? Fun?
Well I think so, though getting to all the locations with be tricky, especially as I’m only in Ireland for five days, but I’m willing to accept this challenge.
What do you win?
1. You will win one of the first ever ARC’s of The Carrier of the Mark.  They won’t be available until Mid-March or so, and the winner will have one winging it’s way to them before even the book bloggers get their paws on them!
2. You will also win your winning photograph of me at your selected location, and I’ll deface both photo and ARC for you if you so wish.
3.I'm also going to include a beautiful Irish necklace, that will be bought in a Kinsale Silversmiths, and will involve you guys in the picking of the design while I'm there!!
Admit it... you sooooo want to win don't you?
The good news is the competition starts NOW!
The bad news is some of the locations have already been snagged (see comments below for Kinsale locations already taken!).
Need ideas?  Well google Kinsale! There are castles, churches, quirky shops, art galleries, schools, beaches, caves, and so much more!

Get googling and submit your photo request in the comments. Closing date for entries is Friday 4th March.
Don’t you just love an ARC giveaway where the Author has to do all the work? Hey… who came up with this niffty idea anyway?