11 February 2011

Fact Meets Fiction Friday - No Fiction, All Fact!

As of yesterday The Carrier of the Mark is available to pre-order on Amazon!  This is such a big deal for me.  Indeed, it’s a major deal for any writer to see their work for sale for the first time.  I have been buzzing since I saw my name go up on Amazon, and that buzz isn’t fading yet. Woo!
In honor of this amazing time for me I’m doing a giveaway! Now I’d love to offer you guys ARC’s, but I don’t have any yet, you’ll have to stay posted for those babies.  So in the meantime I’m going to put up for grabs my coveted inkpop bag! This bag is a little bit of my history.  HarperCollins gave me this bag the day I went to New York to meet my publishing team.  It was filled with goodies when I left their offices and stepped out onto the sidewalk and into my new career.
Need reminding of what this bag looks like?  Well watch the video.

Right, now you’ve seen it, you’d like to own that little important piece of my life, right?  Okay, all I ask of you is to pop onto Amazon and have a look at my book.  While you’re there, feel free to pre-order it, but you don’t have to.  Just like it, tweet it, or add it to your wish list, or request the kindle version, or tag it, or do any of the ‘its’ that tickle your fancy.  Oh, and while you’re at it. Pop over to Facebook and ‘like’ The Carrier of the Marks Facebook page.
You don’t have to do any of the above, but I would love you too.  Now, next step leave me a comment telling me what you did and you are entered! For every ‘thing’ you do you get an extra entry!
This giveaway is open to everyone where ever you live... no restrictions.  I’ll announce the winner of the coveted inkpop bag on Wednesday.  Right… ready, steady, go!