06 July 2012

Happy International Kissing Day!

Yep, it's International Kissing Day. This can only mean one thing...it's time to arm yourself with lip salve and pout those lips. Go wild, my friends. Plant that smooch with wanton abandon. Okay, maybe not wanton, there are laws against that type of thing. But, well you know what I mean, just make sure you know the person, or at the very least, have a good idea of their general state of health and personal hygiene.

Also, I think we should open up this whole kissing day thing.  I mean, it's a great opportunity to broaden the idea. Maybe if you stretch the celebration you can use it to your advantage.  How about some ass kissing? There's nothing wrong with it when kept in check. Maybe you'll kiss yourself into a raise, a promotion, a better grade, or maybe just a bit of recognition. Today's the day to swallow your pride and pucker up. And BONUS, the side effect of all the ass kissing is that you are potentially improving a persons day with a nice, and potentially exaggerated compliment. It's win win, guys.

So go make someones day.


Ps. Did I mention how wonderful you're looking today? Honestly, you're positively radiant.  SWALK


  1. Hmm, I had no idea it was kissing day. I'm all about the ass kissing too. If it works pucker up:)

  2. Kissing Day. That's a new one for me :-)

    By the way, loved that little ass kicking you P.S.'s in for us at the end. That was an awesome compliment, if I do say so myself.