19 December 2011

The Monday Morning Round Up (for a couple of months)

I’ve been very irratic with the auld blogging these past few months. Life has been chaotic, there’s been so much going on, and I’ve been so busy.  I’ve not really had a chance to give you guys updates.  So since it’s Monday, and I’d usually do a weekend round up, I’m going to give you a round up scaling a few months. 
Actually I was supposed to do this post last night, but after I heard the devastaing news that Once Upon A Time was actually a repeat, I couldn't summon the enthusiasim to write. Don’t these TV producers know how their stupid decisions effect us so?
Anyhow, moving on.  So what have I been up to?  Well, loitering mostly.  I’ve been doing a little writing too. I’m involved in this very exciting project with a bunch of other aweseome authors.  I’ll devote a blog post to it next week. But let me just tell you, it will be fantastic. Woohoo!
I met up with some awesome people recently too.  I had a gorgeous chocolate fest with the lovely Colleen Houck a while back after I met in in Boston.  Nothing like having a girlie writer chat in a semi dark enviroment with just the light of the flame that is toasting your marshmallow to see each other by.  She is super fab by the way. And did you hear her amazing news? Tigers Curse was picked up by Paramount, so we will see all her pretty kitties up on the big screen soon.
I also met with the lovely Kim Harrington. She rocks. Enough said. Oh and check out all her new books. They are fab.
I did a reading in Cambridge Public Library with Joe Luniveick and Amalie Howard. It was nerve wracking to say the least, but Joe and Amalie got me through it, they were fantastic.  We had a gorgeous dinner and chat fest after the reading and signing. Such fun hearing other authors stories. It doesn’t matter where you’re from people, at our very core, we are similar beasts.
Oh I also had a couple of book signings.  They were awesome, and we sold out in both locations. Huge thanks to Barnes and Noble in Bellingham. They were just awesome, and still are. I <3 them lots.
So between writing and stuffing my face, I’ve been trying to hammer out a new book that I’ve been working on. Progress is slow, but that’s because my brain is still on Carrier 2. I’m expecting my edits back any day now. So I think I’ll have to shelve my other beloved book until I can get my revisions done on Carrier 2. It’s like I’ve got writers bulimia, It’s all gorge and purge. 

So that’s everything from me for know.  I’m off to Ireland on Wednesday to spend time with the family.  I will be doing signings in Ireland, starting on the 22nd with Easons O’Connell Street at 1pm, then I’m going to be signing stock in Waterstones & Hughes and Hughes in the City, Blanchardstown, Liffey Valley, and Dundrum Shopping Centre.  Then, in Cork on the 23rd I’ll be in Waterstones Cork City at 3pm, Easons 4pm, and Bookstor, Kinsale on Christmas eve for a special signing with the locals. Phew! Somewhere in between all that, I’ll be meeting up with friends and family that I haven’t seen in over a year. But don’t worry, I will find time to get festive and stuff my face in all the chaos.

Okay, so time to sign off. Have a beautiful holiday, people. Enjoy yourselves and talk to you on the other side.
All the best and talk soon.