19 December 2011

And one more thing...A COMP!

Yes! Since I'm out shopping I decided to have a Flashcomp so I could buy a beautiful gift and give it to one of my cyber friends.  I was running it on twitter but thought I'd open it up to people who aren't on Twitter too. I just bought this gift for you...yes YOU! It's a very beautiful Swarovski crystal keyring. It's uber pretty and swish.  So as I sit here eating my cheese panini and sipping on my mocha frappe, I decided to post pics so you can see the pretty.

All you have to do to win the beautiful decadent baby AND a signed copy of Carrier of the Mark, is to Tweet the link and include the hashtag #CarrieroftheMark.  If you're on Facebook, post this link on your page and leave a link to your page in the comments. And if you're not on either... just send me some sugar, and by sugar I mean love and good karma. Please, don't mail me REAL sugar. Oh and don't forget to leave your name in the comments.  Oh, and follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow br... I mean follow me on twitter, FB, and the blog...you don't have to, but Dorothy would be super impressed if you did.

There, I think that is it.  This is open internationally and will close at 9pm EST tonight.

Good luck!