28 November 2011

Monday Morning Round Up

I've been a naughty blogger of late, I'm finding it hard to get my act together post publication.  Moving from one book onto another is a major downshift for me. It's like I've been going a 100 miles an hour on the highway and now I find myself on a small country lane caught behind a tractor. I'm trying to get used to the pace and get my schedule back on track.  So I hope this Monday morning will be the beginning of my get-your-s%*t together routine.

So now I've that out of the way, what do I have for you?
Well, Thanksgiving was gorgeous.  I spent it with the Fallon clan and some extended family. Food was great, company was excellent, and the children were well behaved (relatively speaking).  Some might say it was the near perfect day.

Since then, we've been down to see Santa arrive on the Town Common, we're talking full on Christmas frolics. The choir were singing, the hot chocolate was flowing, the candy canes were sticky, and Santa arrived in style on a florescent sleigh, complete with Walmart lit up reindeer.  It was awesome.  Only downside was the squad car parked right behind us so we couldn't leave until hundreds of kids got to sit up on the sleigh and have their photo taken with Santa...it was a long evening.

So guys we are now well and truly on the slippery slope to Christmas...God help us.

Oh and mark your diaries. I'm doing a live chat for the Summer of Supernatural (yes yes, I know it's not summer, but it is in Australia and New Zealand).  The chat is on AEST 30th November 2011 12:30-1:00pm, which is EST November 29th, 8:30 pm-9 pm.  I'd love if you could pop in and chat with me, the Aussies, and the Kiwis, it's going to be fun. We can pretend to be planning Christmas on the beach and enjoying temperatures in the 90's! So check out the Summer of Supernatural Facebook page where the chat will be happening.

Talk to you Wednesday for a whinge.

All the very best and talk soon.