18 July 2011

Name that book!

Hello everyone *smiles cheesy grin and waves… a lot*
For those of you who follow me on twitter and Facebook you’ll know that at the moment I’m writing the sequel to Carrier of the Mark.  I did have a work in progress name, but it won’t be the official title of Carrier 2. 

Carrier 2 has a nasty kind of courier dispatch / nasty rash ring to it, so I’m ever so eager to give it a title that rolls of the tongue and conjures images of gorgeous guys, mysterious girls, magic, Ireland, fun, danger, and frolics (I had to chuck the frolics in there… it’s one of my favorite words, along with obnoxious, but that’s for another blog post).
So, what I would like you lovely people to do is come up with some name suggestions for Carrier 2.  You never know, one of you guys might even come up with the final title! That would be so cool and would have to be rewarded in some MAJOR way.  So what do you think guys, any ideas?