14 June 2011

The nearly Wednesday Whinge

I’m whinging early this week for two reasons. 1. I’ve a few things to whinge about that won’t wait until tomorrow.  And 2. My three year old twin tormentors are now on a two day week at school and one of those two days is tomorrow, so I’m going to be off frolicking somewhere, basking in being alone and the freedom that gives me.
So what peeves me so?  Well in a word… WEATHER.
Being Irish, I’ve grown up with rain, dampness, wind, and crappy weather in general.  So you can imagine my surprise when the MA summer decides to have a hissy fit and go all Irish on me.  I mean seriously!! What is it up to?
We had the the snowiest winter on record. Then in the spring we get hammered by storms and … wait for it… tornados!!  Then, the summer comes and promptly disappears.  Where did it go?  We got like one week and it was gone.
After getting caught out last year, this year I was prepared.  The AC units have been lovely installed (by me, my husband is still on his DIY hiatus).  I got the pool up (again, by me… on my own), nearly killing myself inhaling chlorine dust as I tried to balance the pool chemicals, and the garden barbeque has been unearthed from the barn and cleaned down…ready to go.  I’d even put away the winter duvets and the kids fleece PJ’s.
But now the summer is giving me a very prominent two fingers while doing its best impression of an Irish spring.  The only ones getting use of the pool are the dragonflies who feel compelled to drown themselves for some reason (probably the crappy weather).
MA Summer, you good for nothing, bundle of heat and humidity! I dare you to come out and face me.  Do your worst.  Bring your poison ivy, ticks, mosquitos, and armies of ants. I can take it. This year I’m prepared for you.