14 March 2011

Monday Morning Bits and Bobs Roundup - Ireland Pics! Vote for your winner

Ezmerelda - Charles Fort

I'm back from Ireland and in one piece (sort of... it's a long story).  I got all your pictures, well most of them.  The Old Head is cut off by a big golf course so I couldn't get to it, and the boat shots were not that great, so I'm posting them seperately as a vlog, should be fun as my iphone was upside down for most of it (yeah I know duh... but with the iphone you never know if its upsidedown or not.) anyway, that should be a bit of fun, I'll let you guys know when I post it.

Julia - Desmond Castle Door

So now it's time to vote for your favorite photos. Get voting guys, just mention it in a comment below and I'll announce the winner on Friday. 

I think I've got you all entered, but if I've missed anyone, please let me know, I have loads of other photos of various locations that I can assign to you.
All the best guys and happy voting.


Jenny Conroy - James Fort
Courtney Moran – The Equestrian Center
Mary Lynn McReynolds - Hill view of Kinsale
Diamond Pits - Kinsale pottery
Brynne - Kinsale Steps
Tina Hayes - Kinsale Town Hall
Marisa Kanter - Kinsale Yacht Club
Trisa Wolfe - Kinsale Market House (3 leaf clover in hand... I swear!)
Brendon Bowe - Kinsale Town Centre
Julia - St Multose Cemetary (Carmelite already taken)
Dottie - Creepy Lanes in Castlepark
Ezmirelda - Summer Cove

Betty Bowe - The Boat Graveyard

KrisSummers – A flowery meadow in Kinsale
No hot guys were around that day! Swear!

Grace - Cool Kinsale Lampost

Crystal Chen - Kinsale Harbor (not sailing unfortnuately)
EmSwee - Body of water (Bandon Estuary)
Shannon the book stalker - Bookstor

Sasha Switz - The Almshouses

CD - Road to the Priory (couldnt get to Glebe House)

PMarie - Tunnels at James Fort

RJ - Couldnt get to Old Head so I got you a Fish Head!
Fishy Fishy Cafe
Writingjewels - Carmelite Cemetery

Vivian - Desmond Castle

Aurora - Main Steet, Kinsale

Jpetroroy - Ringfinnan Garden of Remembrance

Morgan - SuperValu with POTATO (cost me 36cent!)