11 March 2011

Fact Meets Fiction Friday - Foreign rights SOLD!!

Hey everybody, we at Camp Carrier had a very exciting week.  Yesterday there were two announcements on Publishers Marketplace, The Carrier of the Mark has sold at auction to Poland, and in a pre-empt bid to Italy. Woohoo!  For those of you who don’t speak publishing, that basically means that The Carrier of the Mark will be translated into Polish and Italian, and will be sold in those countries in the next year or so.
This is super exciting, The Carrier of the Mark is spreading it’s wings, and hopefully this is just the start of it’s worldwide adventure.
In other news, it’s the last day of my visit to Ireland.  As soon as I’m finished this blog post I’m off to pack my bags and to try and squish two giant Scoobydoo dogs into my suitcases. 
Oh, and remember to cast your vote for your necklace of choice on Wednesday blog post.  I’ll be posting the competition photos on Monday, so get your photography critiques hats on and get ready to cast your votes.
So, I’ll talk to you guys on the other side, fingers crossed my transatlantic flights turn out a bit better than the last one!