15 August 2012

Greetings from Ireland!

I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. I know, I've got an overflowing inbox, competition winners to announce, interviews to do, and appearance dates to confirm, but I have not forgotten you.  I'm in Ireland on holiday with my family, and while I'm not entertaining my kids, I'm working on my move to the US. Did I not tell you? Yup, I'm extending my stay in the US. Woo! So, while I cram suitcase after suitcase with stuff I don't really want/need, and talk my way through checkin with said bags that will be way over their weight allowances, I'll share some photos of my trip. Enjoy!

Grafton St. Dublin
The Fish Market in the English Market, Cork.
The Farm Gate, Cork.

The English Market, Cork.
Patrick St. Cork.
My back garden view, Cork, Ireland.
The main reason for my trip. My new nephew, Ronan.
(He's the most adorable thing)

I'll be back in the US next week and I will get right into work. Promise.

All the best and talk soon.



  1. If I were to leave Dublin the one place I would miss is Grafton St. I love it's vibrant atmosphere, ����the flower market and ����ithe fabulous buskers :)) ♥♥
    Great photos, enjoy the rest of the hols xx

  2. I'm jealous that you're in Ireland. I was in England this summer and planned to visit Dublin with my friends, but we couldn't find a method of traveling by seas that didn't require us to have a car, and plane tickets were too expensive. We ended up going to Edinburgh, which was cool, but not Ireland :)