24 April 2012

It's my birthday! This calls for free stuff.

As the title implies...it's my birthday. Woohoo minus sixteen years.
I'm celebrating, not only my ancientness, but also the completion of my edits of Shadow of the Mark which were submitted yesterday. *Does happy dance*

So I've got some good stuff up for grabs today. Wait for it...

1.  A signed copy of Carrier of the Mark so you can whet your appetite for Shadow of the Mark.
2.  A super pretty silver Irish bookmark that has a little four leaf clover set into it. (Uber pretty, check it out)
3.  A signed Sweet Evil bookmark from the very sweet and not so evil, Wendy Higgins.
4.  And... a signed Two and Twenty Dark Tales bookmark. (I love the dark and creepiness of it)

And what do you have to do to enter?  Just do what you can to spread the word.
You can:
  • Follow this blog.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Like Carrier's FB Page.
  • Tweet the link.
  • Post the link to your FB timeline.
  • Tell your mom you love her (in absence of a mom; a friend, boyfriend, boss, or that dude that stands at the entrance of Walmart will do fine).
  • Give a stranger a hug.
  • Give the evil eye to a nasty person. (I'm kidding) (I'm totally not. The more evil the better).
  • Spontaneously burst into upbeat show tune on public transport on our way home from school/work.
  • Give up secret plan for world domination and seek gratification of world peace.
  • All or none of the above.
  • Leave a comment letting me know what you did and contact details if you like. If you'd rather not leave contact info, check back on Friday for the winners post, and if you win, you can email me. Tada!

Whatever you decide to do, I <3 you.  This comp is open until Friday at 12 noon. As always, it's international. Winner will be picked at random (but really based on hugs, singing ability, and who can give the best evil eye. Feel free to post pic as proof).

All the very best and talk soon.