07 March 2012

World Read Aloud and THG Update

Yes! It's World Read Aloud Day.  Did you know that there are at least 793 million people in the world who remain illiterate? Today the world celebrates the power of words in the hope to change that. Check out the website here.

Over on the YAtopia Blog, a few of us got together to read extracts from some books. Go listen to three continents being represented. We have the USA, Australia, and Europe. Check it out here.

Oh and in completely unrelated news, I have an update on my Hunger Games read-slash-diet.  The Hunger  Games is an awesome read. I'm LOVING it. The diet...not so much. Yuck! If I so much as see another slice of ham, turkey, chicken, or an egg again, I will barf...lots.

Now, that said, I'm off to stuff my face with great big hunks of hot bread straight from Peeta's oven.

Talk soon, guys.