05 February 2012

Teen Choice Book Awards

Hey guys!

I'm taking a quick break from my frantic revisions to say a quick hi. *waves*
After a few weeks of screaming into pillows and banging my head off my desk, I finally feel I'm getting somewhere with Carrier 2.  This is most awesome, especially for my poor husband who's been taking the brunt of my revision anxiety.

As soon as I have these revisions submitted, I'll be back blogging with wild abandon, I promise. In the meantime, you may or may not know, that Carrier of the Mark was actually nominated for the Teen Choice Book Awards. AGHHH!!! This is super exciting.  Carrier is up against some MAJOR titles making winning an impossibility, however, it's such an honor to be listed with them, that I'm beside myself with happiness.  If you read and loved Carrier, I'd be super excited if you'd vote for it HERE or you can click on the button in the side bar. Voting is open until February 15th. Thanks a million, guys.

All the best and talk soon.