10 October 2011

Thank you for your awesomeness.

Firstly!! AGHH! Thank you so much for buying Carrier of the Mark.  It's whizzing off the shelves and has sold out in lots of stores. You guys are AWESOME.

All you guys who took part in the Carrier of the Mark Book Shop Hop will be getting your signed bookplates and bookmarks this week. Yay! You've all been such fun, and I've got photos from all over the US, Europe, and even the Philippines. We've had Carrier pictured in cars, bars, stores, and strollers. It's even been snuggled up in bed with some of you. LOL! I cherish each and every photo I get, so keep them coming. 

All you amazing people who sent me emails telling how much you loved Carrier... you guys are fantasic. Everytime I open one of those emails I just melt inside.  It's you and your kind words that make all the stress, panicking, and sleepless nights worth while.  Honestly I can't thank you enough.  Your words of encouragement and your demands for Carrier 2 are the voices in my head driving me forward. I <3 you.

If you loved Carrier, I'd just adore if you could post your fabulous reviews to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository.  I'm really trying to get the word out, and you guys and your awesome reviews will really help me do that.

My book tour is still forging ahead.  Over on Well Read Wife we are going for a wander through Dublin City today. Go check it out.  And there will be another two stops for you to check out and browse the photos of the places that inspired Carrier, including Trinity and the Crypt!

Tomorrow night at 9pm EST I'm doing a live chat with the rather fabulous Mundie Moms.  We'll be talking Carrier, writing, snogging, craic, and whatever else takes your fancy, so pop in and say hi. You know how much I love to wave. *waves*

And for all you guys wondering when I'm going on tour, I'm so sorry, I have no plans just yet, but I will be doing a signing in Cambridge in November.  I'll post details closer to the time.  Oh and just wondering... if I was to do a few signings, where do you think I should hit up? Let say I had to pick 5 locations in the US, which cities would you suggest?

I'll be back in a day or two with all the details for the release dates etc for UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Poland, all of which are fast approaching. Squeeee.

Thanks guys, talk soon