26 October 2011

Release day in Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand

If there was ever a reason to be pining for home, well this is it.  Carrier of the Mark is hitting the shelves all over the UK and Ireland, and I wish I was there to see it.  I've dreamed of seeing my book on the shelves in Easons or Waterstones, or one of the cute little indie stores that are dotted around the smaller towns, but I'm bogged down in work and chained to my desk at the moment, so alas, I must watch from a distance.

Since I can't hide in dark corners of Irish bookstores to watch people buy my book, my sister has been out there bringing a little bit of the Irish bookstore to me, so at least I can pretend to be a little bit closer to home.  So Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the proprietor's of the two cutest indie bookshops in the gorgeous town of Kinsale!

This is the lovely owner and manager of the Kinsale Bookshop, Matthew Geddin! He's pictured outside his pretty little shop in the village with his very own copy of Carrier of the Mark! *waves at Matt* Hi Matt! See you in December. If you're ever in Kinsale, be sure to pop in and say hi, and stock up on your favorite Irish authors while you're there.

This is Bookstor, another cute indie store that has a lovely light contemporary vibe. They have a wonderful vintage book section which is always worth a mooch through.  And standing outside, with her copy of Carrier of the Mark, is owner and Manager, Ceri Chaney. *Waves at Ceri* I'll be seeing you in December too, Ceri.

And of course, while I'm reaching for the sick bag to deal with all my home sickness, we can't forget Australia and New Zealand! I've got friends and family in both countries, and they'll be flying the Carrier flag for me for the release date down under. Woohoo!

As with all my other releases, the first ten people from each country to send me a photo of themselves with their copy of Carrier of the Mark, or of Carrier in your country, will win signed bookplates, bookmarks, and other fun stuff. Just tweet to @leighfallon or Facebook Thecarrierofthemark the picture and message me, or if you can just email it to me at leigh@leighfallon.com and I'll do the necessary.  Don't forget to email me your address for me to send you your signed swag.

So yay!! Go buy your copy of Carrier. Make me the happiest bunny alive.