29 July 2011

Wildefire Launch

Some dude in a dodgy shirt
Last night I went to the launch of Karsten Knight’s, Wildefire, at Barnes and Noble in Framingham.  I had a great evening.  Even Karsten's hideous pineapple, flowery Hawaiian shirt couldn’t put a dampener on the evening. 
Joking aside, the Hawaiian themed launch was a great success.  Karsten wowed the audience with his funny tongue in cheek speech which had a liberal sprinkling of crowd pleasing quips.
Me, Kim, & Gail
Me & Karsten
Afterwards, I completely jumped the queue and snagged the first signing of night (oops).  Then had a howl with Kim Harrington (Author of Clarity and a whole string of other books coming your way over the next two years) and the ever lovely Boston Bloggers.  The fabulous Danielle Bunner brought a whole selection of calorific cookies, which we all stuffed our faces with.  Then in true girl fashion, spent the latter half of the evening discussing the latest fad diets and our love of all things carbs. Woot!
Anyway, congratulations Karsten, and good luck with Wildefire.