25 July 2011

Blissful Silence

I’ve a beautifully blissful quite house this week.  The significance of this will be lost on many, but to those of you who have hoards of board school kids running around your house this summer, well you’ll guys will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
The only noise interrupting my writing thoughts today is the incessant hum of the AC unit and my poor fridge which is working so hard to keep its contacts cold that I’m expecting it to putter to a halt any second now.  But for the moment, it’s hanging on in there (It’s such a trooper).
And why the quiet? Well my kids are in the first week of camp.  Not the camp I’d originally expected.  Before I moved to America, Hollywood had implanted this idea in my brain, that all American kids tottered off to camps called things like Camp Chiccawawa, slept in log cabins fitted with bunk beds, went swimming in lakes, and sang uplifting ‘team’ songs while toasting marshmallows for smores over open camp fires.  But alas, the reality is much more like home.  I’m sure those kind of camps do exist, but I haven’t seen any around my neck of the woods. 
So even though my kids are only day camping, and it’s more like a prestigious country club rather than a rugged wilderness, I’m happy that they’re happy, occupied, and having fun.  And I’m happy that I’m alone, surrounded in silence, and getting writing done.  Long may it last.
Now, I’m off to write.  Have a wonderful day my friends.